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Roseville Lutheran Church

I appreciated the opportunity to present at Roseville Lutheran's Adult Education Forum this morning. We discussed the key concepts in my book What Should I Do?

I am thankful for the group of more than 50 that stayed after their worship service and carefully listened to my thoughts and had many great comments and questions.

I will continue to hope that we have more thoughtful people in our country who follow the concept of being pro-choice/pro-life.

This last Tuesday, the citizens of the state of Ohio overwhelmingly passed their amendment to the state constitution which now guarantees that a person in Ohio has the right to use contraception, the right to obtain an abortion when that is felt to be the best option for that person, and the right to a variety of forms of healthcare.

When the Supreme Court handed down the decision of Dobbs v. Jackson in June of 2022, in practical terms it limited freedom of religion for the many faiths in our country that believe that abortion is an appropriate option for a woman in a variety of circumstances. Despite that, Justice Alito did not even refer to freedom of religion in his majority opinion. I believe that someday, another Supreme Court will say that Dobbs v. Jackson was an egregiously wrong decision with faulty legal reasoning.

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