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Keokuk Iowa discussion

Earlier this month I was invited to talk to a group in Keokuk, Iowa, at the public library. Keokuk has the first and largest hydroelectric dam on the Mississippi River, so I wanted to share a picture of that.

We had an excellent discussion of almost two hours and had to close up because the library was closing. The key concept was that if we have freedom of religion in our country, which the Constitution says that we have, then a woman should have the right to consider an abortion for an unplanned pregnancy no matter what state she lives in.

This last week Mike Johnson was elected to the Speaker of the House. I understand he is a Christian and states that he believes that God is against abortion. I am also a Christian and believe that God thinks that abortions are appropriate in a variety of circumstances. I do not force my beliefs on those in our society who believe that abortion is wrong. But those who consider themselves to be "pro-life" and often claim to be Christian often want to force their beliefs on the rest of society. More women die in our country as a result of pregnancy induced complications due to the laws that have been passed in various states as a result of these religious beliefs. I cannot fathom that it is the will of God that this occur.

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