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University Lutheran Church of Hope

I want to thank ULCH for allowing me to be the speaker at their Sunday adult forum yesterday. This church is a beacon of hope for supporting and protecting the rights of all people. Since the Supreme Court decision of Dobbs v. Jackson in June of 2022, this country has not had the freedom of religion that we previously had. The Supreme Court effectively said that any religion that supports a woman's right to choose what happens to her body is a religion that does not receive the legal support of the state in so many areas of our country. I respect the faiths that believe that abortion is wrong, but I do not believe the members of those faiths have the right to force their beliefs on the rest of society. The fact that Justice Alito did not even address the issue of freedom of religion in his majority opinion in the above case shows how biased this Supreme Court is when it comes to the issue of freedom of religion. I believe that God wants us to respect life- both the life of the fetus and the life of the woman who has an unintended pregnancy. We can do so much to reduce unintended pregnancy. We also have to respect and acknowledge that pregnancy and labor and delivery are a higher risk for death and illness and disability than the risk of induced abortion. It should be the right of all women in our country in all states to decide what each woman believes is best to do if she is dealing with an unintended pregnancy, or a complication of pregnancy. I pray that God gives all of us the wisdom to deal with this controversial issue.

See my book for more details.

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