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"Pro-choice/pro-life" - What Does It Mean?

In my book, I coined a new phrase- "pro-choice/pro-life". I have had a number of people question what this means or think that I should have come up with another phrase. But in my mind, this phrase describes well my position. In chapter 17 of my book, I explain that I believe that pro-choice/pro-life is the position that best describes what God desires for all of us to pursue.

I explain that "this position gives human life the best chance at long term success on planet Earth and thus best supports the sanctity of human life. I believe this position will result in the fewest abortions over the long haul because of an emphasis on appropriate contraception and a healthy attitude toward human sexuality."

Please see my book for further explanation of this position.

Take care and I hope that you are able to add to the beauty of this planet during your day.

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